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21 and 22 December

We start around 10am on tuesday 21st and end around 3-4 pm on wednesday.


In der Bühl, 52396 Heimbach, Eiffel region, Germany


There are still a few places in the current appartment facility.  Add your name to the list of participants and we'll give you pointers on where you can stay.


Get together with as much Activiti Community brains as possible to

1) Celebrate the 5.0 release

2) Prioritize the current outstanding feature requests and how these fit in the scope that we target

3) Think about the focus, scope of the next 6-12 months.

Other Topics

  • How do we create integrated user stories
    • As the tools and features grow, how do we ensure it remains integrated?
    • How to ensure we don't end up with a big pile of features that people find hard to use?
    • I believe we need to document user stories so that we discuss the integrations between the diff tools and approaches.
  • Tool-Chain with Modeler, Cycle, Designer. Forward/Reverser Engineering
  • Brainstorm about social features we want to engage our community
  • How hard would it be to add basic db migration with ?
  • Review the Roadmap
  • Activity pluggability
    • Support new task types easily in Engine, Modeler and Designer
  • Release process and rules to prevent last minute surprises
    • We want to allow for flexibility
    • But where to draw the line?
    • We're driving the release, we're always there
    • Others expect us to check the basic distro stuff
  • Revisit reuse of activiti base infrastructure for cycle's persistence.  @see CycleDbSqlSessionFactory


If you want to come contact us as we need to check the space in the lodging.

  • Tom Baeyens
  • Joram Barrez
  • Frederik Heremans
  • Bernd Rücker (Tuesday)
  • Jakob Freund
  • Tijs Rademakers
  • Christian Mülder
  • Ron Van Liempd
  • Falko Menge
  • Nils Preusker

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