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This page is intended for people to share knowledge about running Activiti on particular databases

Problem with nullable columns on Sybase and Informix

Postgres jdbc vs. DB version mismatch

Be sure to use the appropriate postgres version of JDBC-driver for your database, Postgres is sensitive to this.

Know exceptions when version mismatch:

Beware of handling CLOB/BLOBS on postgres

When handling CLOB and BLOB's on postgres, default CLOB MyBatis type cannot be used, BINARY should be used instead.

This exception occurs when type not handled properly

*Be sure to check all statements that have postgres-specific counterparts (or any other DB) aren't referenced from within other mapped statements. These aren't aware of our database-specific bahaviour. Here you
should create an postgres-specific statement for the statement using it. Eg. association-select for byte-array entity using selectByteArrayById_postgres: *

Tuning history

If you're using history, it can be tuned by adding the following index (oracle dialect)

  tablespace PRODF;

If you think this index should be added to the installation scripts, vote for ACT-1231

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