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Those tutorials reference AspectWerkz 2.0
They can run with both AspectWerkz 1.0 final and 2.0.RC1 unless otherwise specified.

You can also take a look at one of the external tutorials.

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  1. Anonymous


    I'm not sure how to write the authors so I'll put a comment here and hope someone sees it.

    Referring to the HelloWorld example I noticed that the second method "greet" is of type String but does not have a return statement in the execution part. I added that and the code compiled fine.

    Also the command, in the tutorial, to recompile HelloWorld with AspectWorksz 2.0 is

    javac -d target -classpath $ASPECTWERKZ_HOME/lib/aspectwerkz-2.0.RC1.jar

    I could not get this to work because the zip file does not contain aspectwerkz-2.0.RC1.jar. I tried many of the other jar files but I kept getting the following:

    C:\testAOP>javac -d target -classpath $ASPECTWERKZ_HOME/lib/aspectwerkz-2.0.RC1.
    jar package org.codehaus.aspectwerkz.joinpoint does not exist
    import org.codehaus.aspectwerkz.joinpoint.JoinPoint;
    ^ cannot resolve symbol
    symbol : class JoinPoint
    location: class testAOP.MyAspect
    public void beforeGreeting(JoinPoint joinPoint) {
    ^ cannot resolve symbol
    symbol : class JoinPoint
    location: class testAOP.MyAspect
    public void afterGreeting(JoinPoint joinPoint) {
    3 errors

    I hope someone can advise and fix the problems in this example.

  2. Anonymous


    I'am trying to build the first simple example but keep getting complains about org/xml/sax/EntityResolver that could not be found. I'v been on this al day now and tried every jdk / xml lib etc. It propbably has got to do with my configuration but it is driving me nuts so every suggestion is highly appreciated , i cannot wait to start with AOP.

    Thanks upfront,

    exec []META-INF>set ASPECTWERKZ_HOME=[]aspectwerkz-2.0\aspectwerkz-2.0
    exec java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/xml/sax/EntityResolver
    exec at org.codehaus.aspectwerkz.definition.DefinitionLoader.getDefaultDefinition(
    exec at org.codehaus.aspectwerkz.compiler.AspectWerkzC.compile(
    exec at org.codehaus.aspectwerkz.compiler.AspectWerkzC.main(
    exec Exception in thread "main"

  3. Anonymous

    another (working) day, solved the xml thing but had so many other issues that i am off now , bye bye see you later, this is killing me man.

  4. Anonymous

    If u solved problems in executing Aspectw* pls tell me the steps to do... mail me if u r having any docs regarding this....

    thanx in advance

  5. Anonymous

    you have to do this operations to solve the problem:

    1) C:\aspectwerkz-2.0\bin>edit aspectwerkz.bat

    2) insert this strings after the istruction @ECHO OFF

    set aspectwerkz_version=2.0
    set aspectwerkz_home=c:\aspectwerkz-2.0
    set java_home=c:\programmi\java\jre1.5.0\lib\ext\

  6. hi 

    I want to weave my advice before and after  public methods of public class. I tried using execution  AND within pointcut() together to limit the scope...

    The XML is used is

        <system id="AspectWerkzExample1">
               <aspect class="expressionTesting.ExpressionAspect">
                    <pointcut name="greetMethod" expression="within(public expressionTesting.*) AND execution(public * *(..)) "/>
                    <advice name="beforeGreeting" type="before" bind-to="greetMethod"/>
                    <advice name="afterGreeting" type="after" bind-to="greetMethod"/>


    expressionTesting is the name of the package

    but this doesn't work out ...

    seems there is some problem with the expression me to get the correct expression

    reply asap...