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What is the AWare project?

AWare is a set of reusable aspects and AOP components for AspectWerkz.
Use of AWare aspect components will cut down the development time and increase the code quality and reusability.
All aspects that are packaged with AWare are fully tested and of production quality.

AWare is licensed under the BSD license.

The latest distribution is: there is no distribution available yet (waiting AW 1.0 final)

Aspect Components

AWare provides components for various concerns such as management, indexing, role-based security, transaction demarcation and persistence.

AWare project organization

If you need to build AWare or learn more about the build system and the component based organization of AWare, read the AWareBuild section.

Basic information

Source Repository CVS details + CVSWeb links
Download - Download the latest AWare distribution
Mailing lists - For users and developers of AWare
Issue tracking - Issue tracking for AWare

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