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After a long wait boo 0.7.6 is here!

Thanks to everyone on the boo community specially to those who took the time to report, comment on and/or fix any issues:

  • Andir
  • Arron Washington
  • Ayende Rahien
  • Cameron Kenneth Knight
  • Cedric Vivier
  • Chuck Esterbrook
  • Daniel Grunwald
  • Dominik Zablotny
  • Doug H
  • Fábio Batista
  • Hans-Christian Holm
  • ian Maclean
  • J Bryan Kelly
  • mfowle
  • PC Bender
  • Philippe Quesnel
  • Snaury
  • Sorin Ionescu

As usual download it from here.

Release notes can be found here.

Stay beautiful!

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  1. rodrigo you sexy man, thank you too