Blog from Feb 08, 2008

Boo 0.8.1 released !

This release includes lots of improvements including :

- a simpler way for writing macros
- support for nested functions
- generic methods overloading works
- support for CLR 3.5 extension methods (moreover boo extension methods)
- compile-time conditionals through ConditionalAttribute and the new -define SYMBOL booc option
- AttributeUsageAttribute is now supported and enforced
- a better interactive interpreter (previously known as booish2)
- warnings about unused private members, unused namespaces, unreachable code
- new error messages, including suggestions for misspelled members or types
- exception filters, exception fault handlers
- for loop IDisposeable.Dispose integration

Contributors to this release :
Avishay Lavie, Bill Pierce, Cédric Vivier, Daniel Grunwald, Marcus Griep, and last but not least Rodrigo B. De Oliveira.