Blog from Sep 01, 2009

Boo 0.9.2 is here!

You read it right and it was about time!
Boo 0.9.2 is mostly a maintainance release, yet it introduces a few new features worth highlighting :

  • Unsafe code support including pointer manipulation for richer interoperability with native code [BOO-1202]
  • Generic array/matrix constructors [BOO-1203]
  • Literal regular expression options [BOO-1237]
  • Boo now runs on medium-trust environments [BOO-1215] (such as Mosso ASP.NET platform)

On top of the usual bunch of bug fixes (see the ChangeLog), this release significantly improves generated IL, resulting in up to 40% leaner assemblies among other performance improvements.

Contributed to this release: Cedric Vivier, Daniel Grunwald, Dmitry Malyshev, Greg Nagel, Joao Braganca, Martinho Fernandes, Paul Lange and Rodrigo B. De Oliveira.

Download it an have fun!