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Some basic compatibility:

Recipe 1.1: Swap values without a temporary variable:

Recipe 1.2: Construct a Dictionary without excessive quoting

Recipe 1.3: Getting a Value safely from a Dictionary

Recipe 1.4: Adding an Entry to a Dictionary

Recipe 1.5:Associating Multiple Values with Each Key in a Dictionary

Recipe 1.6: Dispatching Using a Dictionary

Recipe 1.7 : Collecting a Bunch of Named Items

Recipe 1.8: Finding the Intersection of Two Dictionaries

Recipe 1.9: Assigning and Testing with One Statement.

Recipe 1.10: Using List Comprehensions instead of map and filter.

Recipe 1.11: Unzipping Simple List Like Objects.

Recipe 1.12: Flattening a nested sequence

Recipe 1.13: Looping in Parallel over Index and Sequence Items

Recipe 1.14: Loop through every item of multiple lists

Recipe 1.15 Spanning a Range Defined by Floats

Recipe 1.16:

Recipe 1.17 - Creating Lists of Lists Without Sharing References

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