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Examples of working with databases from boo.

For general information about learning to use relational databases in .NET and Mono, see the ADO.NET page here. There also is a page with links to tips about Database Design.

  • Bamboo PrevalenceIn Bamboo Prevalence, all the data is stored in RAM for must faster access.
  • db4objectsdb4objects (db4o) is a GPL-licensed native object database.
  • Firebird DatabaseUnder Construction
  • Gentle.NET ORMGentle.NET lets you work with relational databases without using SQL directly.
  • NHibernateNHibernate is a port of the Java Hibernate object relational mapper (ORM).
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLite DatabaseSQLite is a small database engine that has become very popular.

You can also store objects to a file using simple serialization (with or without using XML).

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