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Here is a way to check what version of boo your script is running in.

Boo now has a BooVersion builtin:

print BooVersion //->

The old way to do that is to check the version of the Boo.Lang.dll assembly. We find the assembly by getting the Assembly property of the builtin List type contained in Boo.Lang.dll.

booversion = typeof(List).Assembly.GetName().Version
print booversion  //->

Checking if BooVersion is higher than certain version

To see if you are running in a specific version or higher, use code like this:

print BooVersion > System.Version(0,5,3)  //greater than boo 0.5.3

You can also see what version of .NET or Mono the runtime is using:

print typeof(List).Assembly.ImageRuntimeVersion //-> v1.1.4322
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