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Boo is a stablished object oriented statically typed programming language for .NET and Mono (JVM support coming soon) with a python inspired syntax and a special focus on metaprogramming through language and compiler extensibility features such as macros and custom compilation pipelines.

If you want to try boo, read the Getting Started guide. To dive deeper, follow the link to our new wiki at github (old content still available here at the codehaus wiki).


Thanks to the effort of a few brave contributors the documentation is being moved to the github wiki where we can have more control over it and also make it easier for other contributors to help.

Be sure to check it out!

Boo 0.9.4 is here

It's been a long year since the last release but the wait is finally over: Boo 0.9.4 is here!

It's a release packed full of features, improvements and bug fixes:

  • ~4x shorter compilation times
  • support for partial interfaces ( and enums (
  • support for typed collection initializers ( and
  • much improved Linq extension method support including type inference for closures (
    • System.Core.dll is now referenced by default, import System.Linq.Enumerable and Linq away
  • 'new' keyword for explicit shadowing of inherited members (
  • initial support for .Net 4.0
  • loads of metaprogramming improvements
  • type inference for empty arrays will take their usage into account (
  • cast function has been deprecated by the introduction of the new cast operator (e cast type)
  • ifdef macro for conditional compilation (
  • simple identifier interpolation: "Hello, $name!"
  • for consistency interpolation now uses () instead of {} for complex expressions ("2+2: $(2 + 2)" instead of "2+2: ${2 + 2}")
  • automatic stubbing of inherited abstract generic methods (
  • proper support for partial classes containing nested types (
  • fixed matrix builtin on .net (broken by a System.Reflection.Emit bug)
  • better report of ambiguous generic type reference errors
  • fix for shortcircuited expressions involving implicit bool conversion operators
  • and many many more...

Kudos to all that contributed to this release throughout the year specially: Квасов Роман, Ryan Boggs, Dmitry Malyshev, Maksym Trushyn, Daniel Grunwald, Cedric Vivier, Spruce Weber, socrates877, rektide, George Dernovoy, Benjamin Reed and JB Evain.

As usual the packages can be download from:;O=D

A new MonoDevelop addin is also available and can be installed from the Community Add-in Repository:


Boo 0.9.3 fixes a lot of bugs and extends the match macro with support for regular expressions with variable binding.

Thanks to Martinho Fernandes it's now possible to write code like this::

Kudos also to Andre Van Der Merwe, Cedric Vivier, Gotz Washck and Richard Hubers for contributing to this release!

Complete change log is here and as usual you can download it from here.

Happy 2010!

Bamboo would like to thank

  • Georges Benatti who always believed the idea, thanks man!
  • Carlinhos for always being there
  • cv for being so enthusiastic and introducing the project to the hausmates
  • the hausmates for such a warm welcome and the great infrastructure
  • Terence Parr for the great ANTLR tool along with all the people who hang on the ANTLR group
  • The guys from the Mono Brasil project
  • Guido van Rossum for coming up with such a great language that eventually served me as inspiration to start this project
  • The one who supported me all the way through this last 10 years: I love you, Ma!
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  1. How will the future of Boo be impacted by the Dynamic Language Runtime? Will the need for it disappear? I'd hate to see an idea like this get lost by the "MS engine", but the DLR is very promising.

  2. Is there a version of boo for the mac?

    if so, which file should I download?