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Boo always come PRE-BUILT

(info) There's always an up to date build in the bin/ directory of the distribution.


In order to (re)build boo you are going to need to have the following tools already installed:

Download the Source


  • download a stable distribution from Download
  • check out an unstable version from Source by running
    git clone boo
    which will retrieve boo from Git into a newly created boo subdirectory.

Building the Source: nant targets

Boo uses the nant buildfile to provide the following nant targets which can be used to build, rebuild, test, install and clean the boo project. This is done to make it as easy as possible for users to perform these automated tasks. All you have to do is go into your newly downloaded boo directory and start invoking nant with different targets, its easy:

  • open a console window or terminal to the boo directory
  • to build the project type:
  • to rebuild everything from scratch including regenerating the parser and AST classses type:
    	nant rebuild
  • to run the unit tests type:
    	nant test
  • to update the binaries in the bin folder:
            nant update-bin

(warning) on mono the unit tests must be executed directly from the command line:

nant compile-tests && nunit-console tests/build/*Tests.dll
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