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Of course you can always compile your code to an .exe and run it as any other CLI program. But this section is all about running boo programs directly from memory.

booi utility

booi examples/

To execute a script read directly from stdin:

booi -

booc utility

boo nant task

Boo.Lang.compiler API

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  1. To run Boo in the Visual Studio debugger, I found it painful to use the Debug -> Attach to Process command in Visual Studio. A good way to jump into the debugger is to add a call to Debug.Fail in the Boo code...

    import System.Diagnostics

    Debug.Fail("Debugging Hello World.")

    print( "Hello World" )

    When Debug.Fail is executed, a dialog will popup with the given message. From the dialog you have options continue normal execution or launch into the debugger.