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Various recipes for the Net.

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  1. In Ubuntu (Ibex), the examples are listed here:

    $ cd /usr/share/doc/boo/examples/

    You are able to type

    $ xsp2

    and then from your browser you can run any of the "inline" samples

    http://localhost:8080/InlineBooButtonClick.aspx http://localhost:8080/InlineBooExpression.aspx http://localhost:8080/InlineBooHelloAspNet.aspx

    If you want to run the code behind samples (the ones with the aspx AND page) then you need to compile it and place it in the bin directory

    A good start is:

    $ booc -t:library -o:ScriptRunner.dll
    $ mkdir bin
    $ cp ScriptRunner.dll bin/

    from your browser:


    You can then use this to play around with some boo as if it were the booshell (booish)

    Thanks to Cedric for helping me out in IRC on this.