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OpenGL 3D samples

These samples use the Tao Framework for OpenGL on .NET and Mono.
Tao is constantly changing (and moving), so these samples may be out of date.

Redbook.Cube example in boo

NeHe Example

This is a port of the base code sample from the NeHe OpenGL tutorials site. It uses the Tao Framework's SimpleOpenGlControl.

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  1. — How to get started with OpenGL and Boo in Debian —

    First of all, install the "monodevelop-boo" and "subversion" packages.

    Then, fire off the following commands:

    svn co svn:// tao
    (Download Tao into a directory named tao).

    cd tao
    (Enter the Tao-directory).

    make mono-1.1 || sensible-pager BUILDING.txt
    (Make the config or read documentation if it didn't work).

    (Build Tao. There will be lots of error-messages, which is fine).

    cd .. && mkdir myboo && cd myboo
    (Create a nice directory for playing around with).

    cp ../tao/dist/bin/* .
    (Copy all the Tao-libraries here. This is all we need).

    Save the program (on this page: as in your myboo-directory:

    Okay. Now you've got the dll-files you need to use OpenGl with Boo and a sample application.
    Compile the appplication like this:

    booc -r:Tao.FreeGlut.dll -r:Tao.OpenGl.dll -r:Tao.OpenGl.Glu.dll

    The -r options are for making the dll-files available for your program.

    Now, you can run your very first OpenGl program in Boo with Mono:

    mono cube.exe

    Or even just:


    If you get a black window with some white lines then you're all set. Congratulations! (smile)
    You can even resize the window, just to see that the white lines are resized too.

    Now, get hold of some OpenGL-tutorials, and it's all downhill from here. (wink)

    If you should get errors that look like the following, on some other OpenGL-application:,8): BCE0021: Namespace 'System.Windows.Forms' not found, maybe you forgot to add an assembly reference?,8): BCE0021: Namespace 'System.Drawing' not found, maybe you forgot to add an assembly reference?

    You can try to add -r:System.Windows.Forms or -r:System.Drawing, but at the time of writing, these parts are still unfinished in Mono.
    Here's the status of System.Windows.Forms:

    I can't wait to see your first complete game or application that uses OpenGL and Boo. Good luck! (smile)