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Release Schedule

Starting with release 0.5, and for all following major releases (e.g. 0.6) a new sub-release is done every month that rolls out the latest bug fixes + features added.

These are the advantages to this approach:

  1. It confirms that the development of Boo is active and on-going.
  2. It allows users to report bugs against the latest version, rather an older version (as seen recently in a bug report against 0.4.5 which was 4 months old).

For example:

Lets say that 0.5 was released 2/17/05.

  • On 3/1/05 a 0.5.1 release would have any bug fixes / newer features up to that point.
  • On 4/1/05, a 0.5.2 release would like-wise.
  • And so on until all 0.6 features are implemented and 0.6 is released.
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