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If you are more familiar with the python standard classes and objects, such as strings and dictionaries, you can use them via IronPython.

In your boo project, add a reference to the IronPython.dll included with IronPython, and then you can use code like this:

import IronPython.Objects //for Dict, Str
import IronPython.Modules.__builtin__ //for eval

//using the python dictionary:
//this converts a boo Hash to a python dictionary:
d = Dict({"key1": "value1", "key2": "value2"})
for item in d:
        print item, ":", d[item]
print d.__len__()
print len(d)
print d.get("badkey", "default1") 

//using python string methods:
s = Str("firstname lastname")
for word in s.split():
	print Str(word).capitalize()
print s.ToString() //convert back to .NET string class

//eval simple python code
pythonglobals = {"X": 1, "Y": 2}
pythonlocals = null
pythonsrc = "float(X) / Y"
	result = eval(pythonsrc, pythonglobals, pythonlocals)
	print "result of \"${pythonsrc}\" is:", result, "(type:", result.GetType(), ")"
except e:
	print "Error:", e.Message

Running full python scripts is not working:

import IronPython.Objects //for Dict, Str
import IronPython.Modules //sys
import IronPython.Modules.__builtin__ //for eval
import IronPython.AST

//compile a python script
pythonsrc = """
from System.Windows.Forms import *
f = Form(Text="Experiment #1")


topframe = Frame(module())
p = Parser.fromString(pythonsrc)
stmt = p.parseStmt()
code as FrameCode = SnippetMaker.generate(stmt, "input")
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