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The Cargo team is pleased to release Cargo 0.7. Get it at

  • Major refactoring to support Remote containers (i.e. containers that are started somewhere and with which we don't interact through the file system).
  • Added JBoss 3.x and 4.x support.
  • Added new Deployable type: EJB. Note that this new deployable is supported only by the JBoss container.
  • Added a Tomcat Existing Configuration implementation.
  • Added a Tomcat Local Deployer and a Tomcat Remote Deployer which uses the Tomcat Manager app for deployment.
  • Added a WebLogic Existing Configuration implementation.

Full release notes on

Please note that version 0.7 has broken lots of the older APIs. This was mainly due to the refactoring caused by the addition of Remote container support. Cargo 0.7 is one of the last 0.X version before the 1.0 release and we took the opportunity to fix the API now rather than to go through a lengthy and difficult deprecation strategy (which we'll use once 1.0 is out). We apologize to all our early users for this. This is probably the last time such a major change happens before the 1.0 release.

If you have any question feel free to ask us on the Cargo list or on irc (, channel: #cargo).

-The Cargo team

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