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We will release Cargo 1.0 within the next two weeks!

This is a major release of Cargo, including the following major improvements:

New Features

  • Multiple DataSource and Resource support via Maven/Ant/Java properties (CARGO-608)
  • Transactional DataSource configuration support (CARGO-644)
  • JBoss Clustering Support for Deploying to farm directory (CARGO-535)
  • Support for Servlet 2.4 web.xml files (CARGO-534)
  • Add configuration option to allow JVM to be specified (CARGO-480)

New Containers

  • Tomcat 6.x (CARGO-563)
  • Jetty 6.x (CARGO-32)
  • JBoss 4.2x (CARGO-562)
  • WebLogic 8.1-10.3x (CARGO-636)
  • JOnAs 4-5.x (CARGO-94)

Experimental Containers

  • JRun 4.x
  • JBoss 5.x
  • Jetty 7.x

There were of course many other improvements and bug fixes. Have a look at our Jira for more information.

Stay Tuned!

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