Blog from Nov 20, 2010

CARGO 1.0.5 now available!

Hello, CARGO enthusiasts!

Just after the 1.0.4 release, I have sent the announcements I had been talking about, and we've had interesting reactions. Having taken the most important ones into account quikcly, we are happy to announce the immediate availability of CARGO 1.0.5. This time, CARGO did not change much and only includes bug fixes. Here is a short summary of the most interesting ones:

  • [CARGO-863] - The maven2 plugin gives as extension ".bundle" to OSGi bundles (instead of .jar)
  • [CARGO-865] - The remote cargo-jetty-deployer does not work with Jetty 7.2.0
  • [CARGO-869] - Issues with the Maven archetypes

With this new version, the CARGO archetypes are compatible with Maven 2.x as well as Maven 3.x. Moreover, on the OSGi side, both GlassFish 3.x and OW2 JOnAS 5.x support bundle deployment.

CARGO users that prefer the Java API and/or the ANT tasks can download this new version via

Those who use the Maven2 plugin simply have to change their plugin version in their POMs -the artifacts are already on the Maven2 central repository.

Enjoy this new release!