Blog from October, 2011

CARGO 1.1.3 now available!

Dear CARGO enthusiasts

CARGO 1.1.3 is now ready. You're probably wondering what's in it for you; so here is a quick overview:

  • The pingURL is no more ignored when using redeploy [CARGO-1036]
  • All deployers now support the redeploy method (with and without monitor) [CARGO-1038]
  • The JBoss container has gained in functionality and stability:
    • JBoss 6.1.x support has been added [CARGO-1043]
    • Corrected the capabilities of the JBoss 7.x remote container [CARGO-1044]
    • Shared classpath does not cause on Windows anymore [CARGO-1024]
    • JBoss standalone local configuration creation now works even with deployables with certain names [CARGO-1037]
  • Jetty-specific fixes and improvements:
    • The latest version of Jetty, version 8, is now supported. [CARGO-1028]
    • You can now provide your own Jetty context XML file [CARGO-1027] on Jetty 6.x, 7.x and 8.x
  • The GlassFish container has been improved:
    • Extra classpath support has been added [CARGO-1034]
    • In addition, GlassFish containers now also support Datasources [CARGO-1035]
    • That's not all: you can now use Existing Local Configuration for an installed GlassFish container [CARGO-1039]
    • Finally, the GlassFish deployer has been improved to recognize failures correctly [CARGO-1032]
  • The Tomcat container has two bugs corrected:
    • A bug making the Tomcat container throw a ClassNotFoundException with default logging properties has been fixed [CARGO-1031]
    • Deployment of a WAR with a subcontext works back again [CARGO-1041]
  • In the containers' documentation's "properties" part, the "comments" column has been replaced with a link to Javadoc [CARGO-1029]

The full release notes can be found on: