Blog from December, 2011

CARGO 1.1.4 now available!

Dear CARGO enthusiasts

About 8 weeks have passed since the last CARGO release. During these weeks, some fixes and improvements have been implemented in CARGO and the new version 1.1.4 is now ready. These changes include:

  • General:
    • Harmonized the behaviour when copying configuration files, now both <file> and <configfiles> can copy directories [CARGO-1045]
    • Improved the module hierarchy and dependencies [CARGO-1011]
      • This way, the CARGO Maven2 plugin doesn't use the uberjar anymore but rather the individual artifacts
    • Cleaned notes about old CARGO versions from documentation [CARGO-997]
    • Corrected Javadoc for MergeStrategy.inRight() [CARGO-1046]
  • JBoss:
    • JBoss 7.1.0 beta 1 is now supported [CARGO-1063]
    • The JBoss 5.x and 6.x remote deployers now take into account username and password [CARGO-1058]
    • JBoss 5.x, 5.1.x, 6.x, 6.1.x and 7.x local containers don't have cargo-specific XML files anymore [CARGO-839]
  • Jetty:
    • Fixed compatibility issues between the remote Jetty deployer and jetty-hightide (Jetty@Codehaus) [CARGO-983]
    • Remote Jetty deployer now works with Jetty 8.x with the default OPTIONS [CARGO-1049]
    • Fixed the default CARGO OPTIONS for the Jetty 8.x container [CARGO-1050]
  • JOnAS:
    • Remote deployer can now undeploy deployment plans on JOnAS 5.x [CARGO-1047]
    • The standalone JOnAS container can now set any JOnAS configurator property [CARGO-1054]
    • The modular ANT tasks are used when configuring the latest JOnAS 5.3 milestones [CARGO-1057]
    • The JOnAS remote deployer has a new "ignore version" option [CARGO-1048]
  • GlassFish:
    • GlassFish2xAsAdmin now takes into account the timeout set in the container [CARGO-1055]
  • Maven2/Maven3 plugin:
    • Different executions can now have different configuration options [CARGO-1053]

You can access the full release notes by visiting

To use this new version:

  • Users of the Java API and/or ANT tasks can download the CARGO uberjar and ANT tasks from the download page:
  • Maven2/Maven3 users simply need to change the plugin's <version> to 1.1.4, and Maven2/Maven3 will download the new version automatically.

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