Blog from April, 2012

Dear CARGO enthusiasts

CARGO 1.2.1 is now available; and no this is definitely not an April fool!

Of course, all of you are wondering what that release brings in... As usual, we have a certain number of fixes and improvements; major highlights are:

  • 12 bug fixes, be it for core components but also for containers.
  • CARGO now supports starting an installed local container independently from the starting instance (Java API, ANT or Maven2/Maven3 plugin); so that the started container can "outlive". This new feature is called spawning.
  • The Jetty container now supports existing local configuration.
  • JBoss 7.1.0 and 7.1.1 (Final versions) are supported.
  • The XML merger (i.e., uberwar) now does a much more careful work when it comes to merging duplicate XML entities.

To use this new version:

  • Users of the Java API and/or ANT tasks can download the CARGO uberjar and ANT tasks from the download page:
  • Maven2/Maven3 users simply need to change the plugin's <version> to 1.2.1, and Maven2/Maven3 will download the new version automatically.

Please share your good (and bad) findings on the mailing list.

As usual, for those who are wondering, please find below the full change list:

  • The following issues with the XML merger (i.e., uberwar) have been fixed:
    • [CARGO-1078] - Duplicate entries when merging <filter-mapping>
    • [CARGO-1080] - Duplicate entries when merging servlet mappings
    • [CARGO-1081] - Duplicate entries when merging security constraints
    • [CARGO-1094] - Duplicate init-param element when merging filter
    • [CARGO-1096] - XML merger adds xmlns="" entries
  • JBoss-specific fixes:
    • [CARGO-1086] - CARGO doesn't work with JBoss 7.1.0.Final
    • [CARGO-1087] - remote deployment to JBoss AS 7.1.0.Final in standalone configuration leads to
    • [CARGO-1088] - Undeploy fails with a non-farm configuration
  • Jetty-specific fixes:
    • [CARGO-1085] - WAR authentication does not work with embedded Jetty 7.6.x and 8.1.x
  • GlassFish-specific fixes:
    • [CARGO-1077] - Standalone GlassFish configuration deletes all existing GlassFish domain when started
  • Tomcat-specific fixes:
    • [CARGO-1082] - CARGO does not create the list of roles in the Tomcat users XML
  • Fixes relating to the Maven2/Maven3 plugin:


  • General improvements:
    • [CARGO-364] - Allow spawned execution of an local containers to enable the app server to outlive the calling CARGO application (Java API, ANT or Maven2/Maven3)
  • XML merger (i.e., uberwar) improvements:
    • [CARGO-1079] - Add support for merging <mime-mapping>
  • Jetty-specific improvements:
    • [CARGO-1083] - Add Jetty support to existing local configuration for installed container
    • [CARGO-1093] - Allow jetty existing local container to start using only configuration on the server
  • GlassFish-specific improvements:
    • [CARGO-1071] - Allow to start GlassFish domain in debug mode
    • [CARGO-1072] - Allow to set GlassFish debugger port
  • Improvements on the Maven2/Maven3 plugin
    • [CARGO-1097] - Make use of maven artifact when computing location for deployable and dependency

You can also see the HTML release notes via