Blog from May, 2012

CARGO 1.2.2 available!

Dear CARGO enthusiasts

After about 7 weeks after the last release, I decided we have enough changes and fixed bugs in order to go ahead with CARGO 1.2.2. As for what's new, the list is this time small (12 entries):

Improvements and new features (5)

    • Jetty containers now support datasources (CARGO-1107)
    • Jetty 7.x standalone local container is now the default container for the CARGO Maven2/Maven3 plugin (CARGO-1106) and downloads its container via the artifactInstaller
    • The usage of an external jetty-env.xml file has finally been documented (CARGO-861)
    • The XML/properties replacement engine can now WARN when a replacement is not possible (instead of failing) (CARGO-1099)
    • Deployers (and mostly undeployers) can now intelligently ignore failures when deploy/undeploy fails (for example, if the application is not deployed but one attempts to undeploy it) (CARGO-1100)

Bug fixes (7)

    • Proxies that would be previously set by Maven are not used during deployment anymore (CARGO-1042)
    • Module names in JBoss do not contain any periods anymore -allowing the deployment of datasources via Maven2/Maven3 plugin (CARGO-1091)
    • Logging level is now interpreted properly for containers that output their messages on stderr (CARGO-1095)
    • Jetty can deploy to root (/) context (CARGO-1103)
    • cargo.jboss.invoker.pool.port configuration property works properly for JBoss 5+ (CARGO-1104)
    • Merging of XML files doesn't throw a ConcurrentModificationException anymore (CARGO-1105)
    • JVM properties on Glassfish now work (CARGO-1108)

In addition to these, we have done various changes in the documentation as well as the Maven archetypes. For example, a profile for JBoss 7.1.x has been added to all archetypes and is configured with an artifactInstaller.

The full release notes can be found on

To use this new version:

  • Users of the Java API and/or the ANT tasks can download the required components (be it the uberjar, ANT tasks and others) via the CARGO Downloads page.
  • Users of the Maven2/Maven3 plugin simply need to change their plugin version to 1.2.2.

Please provide your feedback to the mailing list.