Blog from July, 2012

Dear CARGO enthousists.

After about two months from the last release, CARGO 1.2.3 is now ready.

This new version comes with only one new feature, support for setting JBoss AJP ports (CARGO-1112).

Apart from that, this version fixes the below bugs:

  • ANT tasks and Maven2/Maven3 plugin:
    • The cargo:run MOJO and run ANT task now try to stop the container (via shutdown hook) when CTRL + C is pressed (CARGO-1124)
  • Maven2/Maven3 plugin fixes:
    • cargo:run now deploys all WARs; as the <deployables> element has been centralized (CARGO-1114)
    • The intreaction between the CARGO Maven2/Maven3 plugin and Maven proxy settings have been reviewed to function in an homogeneous manner (CARGO-1119 and CARGO-1121)
  • General fixes:
    • The configuration of <cargo.servlet.users> does not require a role anymore (CARGO-526)
  • Container-specific fixes:
    • Jetty 7.x and 8.x Remote Deployment now works properly if Jetty-JNDI is active (CARGO-1122 and CARGO-1123)
    • Jetty installed local deployer has been fixed to be able of deploying sub-contexts (CARGO-1125)
    • jboss.server.lib.url is now correctly handled (CARGO-1110)
    • WARs can now be deployed on JBoss 7.x and 7.1.x containers' root context (CARGO-1090)
    • JBoss 7.x and 7.1.x contains' bind address can now be set to (CARGO-1111)
    • Tomcat NIO connectors now work properly with CARGO (CARGO-1115)

The full release notes are accessible on

To try this new version:

We have another amazing news to share: over the last 12 months, overall download count of the CARGO components have gone up 60%. See below, for example, for the Maven2/Maven3 plıugin:

We thank you again for your continuing interest.