Blog from August, 2012

Dear CARGO users

After about one month from the last release, CARGO 1.2.4 is now here! It comes with three important new features:

  • WebLogic 12.x support has been added (CARGO-1132)
  • Geronimo 3.x is now supported (CARGO-1126)
  • Geronimo 2.x and 3.x containers are able of working with existing standalone configurations (CARGO-1127)
  • Jetty 8.x now supports ServletContainerInitializers (CARGO-1133)

Apart form that, this versions also comes with some bug fixes:

  • Exception messages when the user defines no ContainerId but uses a ZipUrlInstaller or ArtifactInstaller have been improved (CARGO-1128)
  • Exception messages when one attempts to use a local deployer for a non-existing directory have been improved (CARGO-1131)
  • Cargo plugin does not expect to be executed from inside .jar anymore (CARGO-1129)

Full release notes are accessible on

To try this new version: