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Dear CARGO enthusiasts

Our next big release of CARGO, version 1.3.0, is now available! It comes with a lot of very attractive new features:

  • The newest and latest Jetty 9.x is supported [CARGO-1147]
  • IBM WebSphere 8.5.x container has been added -making another very old CARGO ticket get solved! [CARGO-147]
  • We have introduced a new feature, the Cargo Daemon: this is a Web-based application that uses the Cargo API to configure, start and stop containers on a remote machine. The daemon is meant to be listening 24/7, to allow users to deploy new containers and web applications at their command. It can be accessed using a browser-based UI, via Java API or Maven2 plugin. [CARGO-1148]
  • Local and embedded deployer support has been added to the ANT plugin [CARGO-1144]

The Apache Geronimo container has been improved a lot as well:

  • Bundle support has been added to Geronimo 3.x [CARGO-1143]
  • Extra classpath can now be set on Geronimo 2.x and 3.x [CARGO-1145]
  • It is now possible to define datasources on Geronimo 2.x and 3.x [CARGO-1146]

We have also fixed some JBoss issues (all of them on JBoss 7.x and 7.1.x):

  • Non-default deployment directory is now supported [CARGO-1141]
  • GeneralPropertySet.RUNTIME_ARGS is now set at the correct place [CARGO-1139]
  • Extra and shared classpath is now fully supported [CARGO-1149]

As for the other fixes and improvements:

  • Direct configuration of SSL/TLS connector options for Tomcat 5.x, 6.x, and 7.x stand alone local configurations is allowed [CARGO-1135]
  • OC4J's MIME types now has text/css [CARGO-281]
  • Property injection from Maven settings.xml has been fixed [CARGO-1136]
  • Non 200 HTTP status codes are accepted by the deployment's ping component [CARGO-1118]
  • Shared classpath for WARs are now supported on Jetty [CARGO-948]

To try this new version:


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