Blog from January, 2013

Dear CARGO enthusiasts

CARGO's first version in 2013, version 1.3.2, is now ready! This new version fixes the below issues:

  • Containers - JBoss:
  • Containers - Tomcat:
    • AbstractTomcatManagerDeployer now throws an exception if the undeploy operation is called for a deployable which is not deployed (CARGO-1167)
    • Default user role now work with management application in Tomcat 7.x (CARGO-1165)
    • TomcatManagerInstalledLocalDeployer now has an implementation for Tomcat 7.x (CARGO-1166)
  • CARGO Daemon:
    • The Daemon WAR now works properly with various servers, Jetty, Glassfish and Tomcat have been tested (CARGO-1161)
  • Maven2/Maven3 plugin:
    • The deployer pingTimeout logs are now displayed properly (CARGO-1168)
    • The behaviour when a non-absolute path is specified in plugin / task configuration has been improved (CARGO-1162)

To upgrade to this new version: