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Blog from April, 2013

CARGO 1.4.0 is here!
Dear CARGO enthusiasts

Almost two months after CARGO 1.3.3, we've gone a long way through CARGO 1.4.0. Major enhancements, changes and bug fixes include:

  • Core:
    • [CARGO-365] - CARGO should check status of application server before attempting to start container
    • [CARGO-1068] - Add support for port offset for containers
  • Containers - Glassfish:
  • Containers - Resin:
  • Daemon:
    • [CARGO-1188] - Add -nologging option to disable logging for standalone daemon war
    • [CARGO-1180] - Add support for continuously viewing logs
    • [CARGO-1181] - Add support for restarting offline containers
    • [CARGO-1182 and CARGO-1184] - Change the Daemon properties in the Maven2/Maven3 plugin configuration to have a proper configuration
    • [CARGO-1187] - Daemon start/stop mojos does not have dependency resolution
    • [CARGO-1185] - Add support for extra and shared classpaths
    • [CARGO-1186] - Add support for adding classpath locations at verbatim
    • [CARGO-1183] - Fix integration test Cargo Daemon Integration Tests - Browser
    • [CARGO-1192] - Daemon doesn't work if the Maven2/Maven3 client and Daemon server run different OSes
  • Extensions - ANT tasks:
    • [CARGO-991] - Remove the start task's wait argument
  • Extensions - Maven2/Maven3 plugin:
    • [CARGO-1116] - Remove the deprecated <deployable> elements under <deployer> and <configuration>
    • [CARGO-967] - Use the tested container downloadable as the default for the ZipUrlInstaller
    • [CARGO-986] - Remove cargo:start's wait argument

To upgrade to this new version:

IMPORTANT: Users of the ANT tasks and Maven2/Maven3 plugin should consider CARGO-991 and CARGO-986, i.e. the removal of the long-deprecated wait argument. If you want the container to start and keep on running, please use run instead of start.
IMPORTANT: Users of the Maven2/Maven3 plugin should consider CARGO-1116 when upgrading, i.e. the removal of the deprecated <deployable> elements under <deployer> and <configuration>. All <deployable> elements are now under the main <configuration> element.