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Dear CARGO enthusiasts

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of CARGO 1.4.4. This version brings the below bug fixes, enhancements and new features:
  • Common:
  • Containers:
    • Reorganized the management port properties for JBoss 7.x and onwards (including WildFly) [CARGO-1216].
    • Added support for Tomcat 8.x [CARGO-1217].
    • Added support for Tomcat's useHttpOnly property [CARGO-1212].
    • Allow users to override java.util.logging.config.file and java.util.logging.manager when using local Tomcat containers [CARGO-1220].
  • Daemon:
    • The management of start / stop requests have been rethought and reorganized. This in particular enhances the handling of concurrent requests with the same handleid [CARGO-1213].
    • Allow viewing of both container log output and CARGO log output [CARGO-1214].
    • Show Daemon version on website [CARGO-1215].

To upgrade to this new version:


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