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JSR88-compliant containers support


Cargo supports JSR 88: J2EE Application Deployment API, allowing it to be used with any JSR88-compliant container.

The core functionality is implemented by the o.c.c.container.spi.deployer.AbstractJsr88Deployer class (a Deployer implementation), which acts as a proxy to the JSR88 DeploymentManager.


The Glassfish 3.x and Glassfish 4.x remote containers use the JSR-88 API. For the connection to succeed, the following JARs need to be in the container classpath or in the current Java Thread's context classloader:

  • deployment-client.jar and its dependencies - for Glassfish 3.x, these seem to be:
    • admin-cli.jar
    • auto-depends.jar
    • common-util.jar
    • glassfish-api.jar
    • deployment-common.jar
    • hk2-core.jar

Here is an example code for the users of the Java API:



Here is an example Maven2 plugin configuration:



When adding the org.glassfish.deployment:deployment-client dependency, please make sure that the version matches exactly the targeted GlassFish server's version (beware the updates that you install on GlassFish, these indeed change the version of your server); else you might run into unexpected surprises like:


The list of versions you can choose from can be found on:

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