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Starting multiple containers conditionally

Maven 2 supports the notion of profiles which can be used with Cargo to decide for example when to run tests on a specific container. Here's how you could use the Cargo m2 plugin to that effect:

Then to start the tomcat 5.x container you would type mvn -P tomcat5x install. if you want to start both containers you would type mvn -P tomcat5x,orion2x install.

If you want to define a profile as the default you can use the <activation> element with an activation strategy. For example if you want a profile to be always on, use:

Starting Tomcat in security mode

Cargo supports passing system properties Passing system properties. So, to start Tomcat in security mode, you need to specify two system properties:


For instance,

How to get Tomcat 5 working with the Java 5 XML Parsers

Tip submitted by Ben P.

Imagine that you have some XML jars in the common/endorsed folder of Tomcat and you have edited your catalina.bat file to specify some extra JVM opts to specify the XML parser. Here's how to achieve the same using Cargo:

This shows how to add classpath elements to a Cargo container using the <dependencies> element.

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