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Implemented issues

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Source code changes

Changes detected by Clirr between cargo-0.4.jar and cargo-0.5.jar:

  • [Core] org.codehaus.cargo.deployment.* package moved to org.codehaus.cargo.module
  • [Core] Removed ability to add deployables to a Container. They must now either be added to a Configuration for static deployment or using a Deployer for dynamic deployments
  • [Core] Added a StandaloneConfiguration interface which defines ths addDeployable() method.
  • [Ant] Moved <war> and <ear> elements inside the <configuration> element
  • [Core] Added Deployer interface for dynamic deployments + implementation for Resin, Jetty and Jo1x
  • [Core] Moved Configuration objects to package org.codehaus.cargo.container.configuration (they were previously in org.codehaus.cargo.container)
  • [Core] Moved org.codehaus.cargo.container.configuration.ConfigurationFactory to an interface and added a org.codehaus.cargo.container.configuration.DefaultConfigurationFactory
  • [Core] Added new org.codehaus.cargo.container.configuration.ConfigurationCapability class
  • [Core] Added Jo 1.x support
  • [Core] Renamed org.codehaus.cargo.container.Capability to org.codehaus.cargo.container.ContainerCapability
  • [Core] Moved all Monitor-related classes from org.codehaus.cargo.util to org.codehaus.cargo.util.monitor
  • [Core] Added new org.codehaus.cargo.util.monitor.AntMonitor class
  • [Core] Promoted org.codehaus.cargo.container.internal.util.FileUtils class to a public org.codehaus.cargo.util.FileUtils class as it is now used in the org.codehaus.cargo.module package (and we do want to have any dependency from org.codehaus.cargo.module to org.codehaus.cargo.container - only in the other direction)
  • [Core] Added new org.codehaus.cargo.util.CargoException which is the base of all Cargo exceptions.
  • [Core] Added public APIs org.codehaus.cargo.container.Container.getOutput() and org.codehaus.cargo.container.Container.isAppend()
  • [Core] Fixed proxy support in the Installer by adding a ProxyAuthenticator class
  • [Core] Added tests for ZipURLInstaller and made small modifications to improve testability
  • [Core] Added handy class when implementing Cargo factories based on a container id and a hint
  • [Core] Start of a Resin ExistingConfiguration implementation. Does not work yet and must not be used.
  • [Core] Added property for supporting container authentication
  • [Core] Added org.codehaus.cargo.container.jetty.Jetty4xEmbeddedContainer.getServer() API to allow users to further configure a Jetty server
  • [Core] Added possibility to pass JVM arguments to Configurations by introducing a new cargo.jvmargs property
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