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Release note content:

Main changes

Here are the highlights of Cargo 0.8:

  • Added support for Jetty 5.x and 6.x
  • Added Geronimo support
  • Added JMX hot deployer for JBoss 4.x
  • Firmed up the Cargo APIs and several usability improvements
  • Added notion of Embedded containers

The full list of all issues fixed and features implemented is available below.

Please note that version 0.8 has broken several APIs as explained below in the migration guide. This is one of the last 0.X version before the 1.0 release and we took the opportunity to fix the API now rather than to go through a lengthy and difficult deprecation strategy (which we'll use once 1.0 is out). We apologize to all our early users for this.


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Migration guide from 0.7 to 0.8

This sections lists the principal differences in Cargo 0.8 which you may require you to modify the way you use Cargo. The full list of changes is shown below in the Clirr section.

For extension users

  • local container type replaced by installed and embedded.

For example if you were before using the m2 plugin with:

You'll now have to use a type of installed for Installed Container and a type of embedded for Embedded Container. The same applies for the Ant and Maven1 extensions. If no type is specified it defaults to an Installed Container.

  • Replaced dir attribute (for the Ant task), ....config.dir property (for the Maven 1 plugin) dir element (for the Maven 2 plugin) by home to be aligned with the Java API.
  • There's now a wait attribute for the Cago Ant task to tell Ant to wait after the container is started. The Maven1 plugin has also been modified to use a new cargo.container.wait property to do the same.

For users of the Cargo Java API

  • Renamed logging interfaces and get/setMonitor() have been replaced by get/setLogger(). This is to prevent a clash with the notion of Monitor which we're reserving for monitoring container and deployables.
  • Replaced ContainerType.LOCAL by ContainerType.INSTALLED and ContainerType.EMBEDDED.
  • Removed LocalContainer.setHome(String) API. Please always use the LocalContainer.setHome(File) API.
  • Added new org.codehaus.cargo.container.EmbeddedLocalContainer and org.codehaus.cargo.container.InstalledLocalContainer classes to differentiate Installed Container from Embedded Container.
  • Removed ConfigurationFactory.createContainer(String, Configuration) signature. You need to use the signature with the ContainerType parameter (it was previously defaulting to a local container).
  • Renamed all container implementation from *LocalContainer to *InstalledLocalContainer, except for Jetty 4.x which name has not changed.

Clirr report

This is the report generated by Clirr on the different Cargo APIs:

Core Container API

Core Generic API

Core Module API

Core Util API


Jetty API


Orion API

Resin API

Tomcat API

WebLogic API


Maven2 API

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