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Castor DDL generator document


Castor DDL script generator from Castor JDO mapping is a tool which generates a specific RDBMS DDL script for a set of Castor mappings. The DDL script includes commands for creating tables, creating unique keys, adding sequences. Normally, developer creates mapping files, Java objects, and DDL script to create database. This manual creation wastes so much time, re-do everything whenever a mapping is changed, and drives many invisible bugs: inconsistency between mapping and database, hard to test. This tool aims to create automatically DDL for a mapping.

Beside the Castor Source Generator, the Castor DDL script generator will make developer be more comfortable to use Castor. In the future, it can wrap together Castor source generator and Castor DDL generator to a complete tool.

Type mapping

Request Elements for Castor Mapping

Using DDL Generator 


  1. That section on JDBC types currently not supported by Castor reminded me that it shoudl be quite straight-forward to implement support for ARRAY.

  2. May you tell me where i can download this tool?

  3. DDL generator is not available for download yet but will be integrated into Castor soon.