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Castor JAXB 2.0 Work

The following items are tasks that have been identified in the course of discussing how to proceed with the support of JAXB 2.0 (the JAXB 2.0 spec) in Castor. These tasks are listed in order of priority.

  1. Convert from CVS -> SVN - Subversion offers too many advantages over CVS to be listed here. But some of them are:
    • atomic commits
    • versioned folders
    • versioned file/directory metadata
    • when a file/directory is moved, history is not lost
    • offline diffs
    • much faster over the wire becuase less info is transmitted
    • no special handling required for binary files
    • use HTTP which can traverse firewalls
      (warning) At the moment, objections from Ralf and Werner exist because diffs created by Subclipse do not currently include new local files. The solution to this is to first add the files to source control before performing a diff (see Re: svn diff and new files).
  2. Create a Castor 2 Branch - This branch is where all Castor 2 work will proceed for the time being in order to protect the trunk (Castor 1) from the dramatic changes being proposed. At some later date, yet to be determienithe Castor 2 branch will be merged into the trunk.
    (warning) Is the branch still necessary? I seem to recall Werner saying that he'd rather proceed on the trunk
  3. Refactor the Codebase into Subprojects - The following subprojects have been suggested as a place to begin discussion
  4. Migrate the Castor 2 Branch to Maven 2 - This will only take place on the Castor 2 branch for the time-being and the trunk will remain using Ant. Eventually Maven 2 will be the build tool for the whole project when the Castor 2 branch is merged to the trunk.

New extendable XMLClassDescriptorResolver for JAXB

Refactoring of Introspector

Mapping information defined by JAXB annotations

Some obstacles I found but keep for later

The states kept by InteralContext

ClassDescriptor and FieldDescriptor by Introspection

ClassDescriptor, FieldDescriptor, FieldHandler usage in JAXB implementation

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