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Instructions for installing and configuring Maven 2

* Download Maven 2.x from

* Install the downloaded binaries on your computer

* Define an environment variable M2_HOME, pointing to the root directory of your Maven 2 installation.

* Add $M2_HOME/bin (%M2_HOME%/bin) to your path. If you don't like Maven's default repository location, you can configure a new repository location through M2_REPO.

Castor and Maven

In order to build Castor yourself from the sources you have just checked out from the project's SVN repository, you will have to change to the project root directory, and invoke one of the following Maven goals to achieve the following tasks:

* Compile the sources:

> mvn compile

* Build the project JARs

> mvn package

* Build the project site

> mvn site

* Deploy a snapshot release

> mvn deploy

* Deploy a new Castor release

> mvn release:prepare followed by a mvn release:perform

Available Maven profiles


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