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The InternalContext holds the following attributes:

  • Configuration

    the configuration to read properties from (capsulating the access of the property-files)

  • XMLClassDescriptorResolver

    which class descriptor resolver is used; I personally think that this has two reasons which are mixed up; to know if XML or JDO resolving should be used, but more important to preserve the information of allready resolved mapping information; I think the later is the real reason for keeping it in the InternalContext

  • Introspector

    The Introspector keeps no relevant state information and is only there for wiring reasons.

  • SchemaResolver

    First of all the interface should be reanamed to SchemaResolver; it holds state! used by SchemaReader; it is used by Schema* classes

  • ResolverStrategy

    This resolver strategy is used internally by XMLClassDescriptor and defines which algorith is used; holds no state

  • MappingLoader

    the MappingLoader used; contains the mapping information loaded and defines the logic used to load mapping information

  • XMLNaming

    the service to use when generating correct XML names (mostly from Java names)

  • JavaNaming

    the service to be used when generating correct Java names (mostly from XML names)

  • DomainClassLoader

    the class loader to use at loading classes of the domain Castor is working for

  • ApplicationClassLoader

    the class loader to be used to load framework classes

  • PrimitiveNodeType
  • RegExpEvaluator
  • Parser
  • XMLReader
  • Serializer
  • OutputFormat
  • LenientIdValidation

    a convinients method to access LenientIdValidation (a property)

  • LenientSequenceOrder

    a convinients method to access LenientSequenceOrder (a property)

  • LoadPackageMapping

    a convinients method to access LoadPackageMapping (a property)

  • UseIntrospector

    a convinients method to access UseIntrospector (a property)

  • MarshallingValidation

    a convinients method to access MarshallingValidation (a property)

  • StrictElements

    a convinients method to access StrictElements (a property)

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