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When providing patches for the Castor project, it is appreciated if time is taken to update the documenting files about the changes made. For easy reference, here is a list of steps that can be followed when creating a patch:

  1. Make the necessary changes (to source code or documentation) for the patch
  2. Update src/doc/release-notes.xml
    • Add brief desription and reference to Jira issue in the <bugs> section
    • For reasonably sized patches, add description to the <summary> section
  3. Update src/etc/CHANGELOG
    • Include who provided the patch
    • Include who requested the patch
    • Include reference to Jira issue connected with the patch
  4. For documentation updates, edit src/doc/changes.xml
  5. Finally, create a unified patch of the src directory
  6. Attach patch to a Jira issue for review
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