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The DamageControl Team (Jon Tirsen and Aslak Hellesoy) are proud to release DamageControl 0.2.

DamageControl is a Continuous Integration server with the follwoing main features:

  • Simple configuration. No XML. All web based configuration.
  • Supports building of Java/Ant/Ruby/.NET/C++/Cobol/whatever - DamageControl is platform agnostic.
  • Self contained - comes with its own web server and Ruby runtime. (DamageControl is written in Ruby).
  • Support for as many projects as your RAM and disks allow. In one single server.
  • Multi channel notification on build results. (Email, IRC, built-in Web pages, DCTray - windows system tray)
  • Supports parallel builds.
  • Builds are trigged by the SCM (CVS) upon commits. DamageControl can install SCM triggers automatically.
  • Pluggable API for cool extensions
  • Integration with ViewCVS and Fisheye

You can look at a live deployment here:
If you want to add a project, go here: (ask Jon or Aslak for username/password)
N.B! Due to a misconfiguration of the Apache proxy on Codehaus, this doesn't work with IE yet. Use a real browser like Firefox or Opera.
You can also monitor these Codehaus DamageControl server's activity on irc://

Things that didn't go into this release, but will go into one of the upcoming releases:

  • Subversion support (nearly there!).
  • Perforce suport.
  • Support for poll based builds (in addition to trigged builds)
  • Better design of the web-pages (volunteers needed!).
  • Easy-to-use installers for Linux (apt, rpm etc)
  • More notification channels (RSS, Yahoo! messenger, Jabber, Eclipse plugin, IDEA plugin, Apple dock

See DamageControl JIRA for a full list of bugs and feature requests. Feel free to register your own feature requests!

Want to get involved with the development? -> Get on the user mailing list.
Got questions about how to use the damn thing? -> Get on the dev mailing list.
More info about mailing lists here

The DamageControl Team

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