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  1. Anonymous

    Do you guys think commercial products have any chance in this market? Would you ever consider using one? I just don't see how these non-free tools will get any sort of following.

  2. Suggest to add build management related features into this matrix, such as build promotion, deletion. This features can be helpful if the build system has running for long period of time.

  3. Cool page! comments below...

    Vendor seems an odd choice. I don't think of ThoughtWorks as a vendor, nor the Mozilla Foundation (Tinderbox).

    Some comments on CC:

    triggered builds: no special support for CVS that I'm aware of. could do the same w/any scm system that can execute script on commit.

    temporal build scheduling: supported

    under publishing where would the xsl publisher fall?

    modify projects: can modify state of project (like build label or last good date)

    multi project view: the index file shows current state of all projects. does that qualify?

    tool integration: only out of the box? viewCVS integration (and others) documented on project wiki

    remote management api: need row for RMI... or not (smile)

    Question about additional dependencies: I notice that CC shows JRE and CC.NET shows .NET runtime, but DamageControl doesn't show a need for Ruby runtime; is that correct?

  4. Cruisecontrol 2.1.6 Perforce support appears to be buggy. I've had to modify the source to get it to run at work.

    I found a correct diagnosis and workable patch in the mail archives.

  5. Sure Alvin - just add rows as you see fit.

  6. On the vendor question, I'd split it into two categories - license (GPL/BSD/proprietary etc) and developer (ThoughtWorks, Urbancode etc).

    Otherwise, great page - I hope a lot more of the ? get filled out!

  7. Hi.. I helped contribute the Nant builder to CruiseControl. Can I get Karma to edit this page? This is a really good idea.

  8. Hello,

    I'd like to add Parabuild server to this page - can get write access, please?


    Slava Imeshev

  9. Anonymous

    Why is BuildForge not on this list?

  10. Noone has requested that it be included. Is this a request? Do you want to fill in?

  11. I have built a GUI tool for configuring cruise control. It is a swing client. There is no category for "Rich Client" configuration on the matrix.

    I am also planning on adding monitoring and controlling aspects to the tool.

  12. Anonymous

    Under "distributed builds" umbrella, may I propose including "Match agent architecture to required build architecture(s)"? This function would capture architectures requested by a build manager to build the project, and send the build command only to agents that support those architectures. It may be something not implemented today by any product, but so is "distributed builds." I won't be surprised if Tinderbox does it though, they do have multi-arch farm.

  13. Hi! I've accumulated some data on tinderbox, tinderbox2, and tinderbox3, and would like to add it here. Is that of interest to anyone? I didn't actually try to use any of them, but I studied the code, the docs, the mail archives, the bug databases, and some online implementations.
    The matrix is already very wide as it is, so i can try to squeeze the data into two columns: tinderbox/tinderbox2, and tinderbox3 (which is really very different from the first two).
    I also would like to do the same for BuildBot, time permitting.
    Please let me know.

  14. Can I get karma to edit page? I'm one of the CC commiters and I'd like to update the cc info.

  15. Anonymous

    has anyone worked with hudson : ?
    is it worth looking into?

  16. Anonymous


    I am new to this perforce and CC.Net.Please Help me to setup "CruiseControl.Net" for "Perforce".


  17. I've researched buildbot enough that I can add some information about it to this page. Can I get permission?


  18. Is Damage Control now defunct or merged with another project?

     Thanks, Shane

  19. CC 2.4 just shipped. may I have karma to bring the CC info up to date?

  20. As a courtesy to others and a help in reviewing, could everyone please describe what they're changing? There have been several updates recently, and it's quite difficult sometimes to see what exactly is new. In a simple page, a diff usually suffices, but this monster is probably one of the bulkiest pages on the 'net (smile) so the diff is definitely not enough.

  21. Makes sense. For my recent changes I:

    •  added AlienBrain as an SCM row
    •  brought CC up to date w/2.4.0 and 2.4.1 information
    •  did a slight bit of wiki gnoming on the Execution Platform row to change "anything that can run X" to just "X".
  22. Fair enough. My recent changes:

    • Turned a number of the Anthill & Anthill Pro ?'s into clear red X's
    • Brought Anthill Pro information up to date with the recent 2.6.0 release (New publishers, builders and demo site)
    • Brought Anthill OS information up to date with the recent 1.8.2 release
    • Today I realized that I had given Build Bot a demo link pointed at our demo and corrected that. 
  23. Anonymous

    Where is the column for buildforge? I'd like to see it added.



  24. Somebody can provide the data of BuildForge?

    I really hope I can find it somewhere.

  25. Updated the Anthill Pro section to reflect the upcoming release of the 3.0 version which introduced promotions, distributed builds, etc.

    In the interest of full disclosure a handful of SCMs will not be supported in 3.0 that are supported in 2.6 and will be supported in 3.1. I left those marked as present, since that seemed the least confusing. 

    Also added a fair number of rows. Some for features that 3.0 may be unique with, others for features that are more common but haven't been being tracked for some reason. Where I knew other tools had the feature, I filled it in, but you all know your tools better than me, so update away. As best I can remember, the rows I added were:

    • Source Repositories
      • Dimensions (from Serena)
      • Harvest (from CA)
    • Build Management
      • Interproject Dependencies ( Build order and artifact provision using a dependency graph). I did not include  Ivy Cruise. I'm not sure how standard it is.
    •  Remote API
      • Client Libary (Java / C / other local API exposing the data model and handling communication with the server)
      • Eclipse ALF - Eclipse project to standarize vocabularies of SOAP events in the application lifecycle space. There is a Cruise implementation on the project plan, but I don't know if the CC people are on board or if anyone has volunteered to donate it. I did mark Parabuild as planning the feature, I'm not sure if that's still the case.
  26. I would also like to propose that the systems that we don't have much data for be removed into a seperate list. Perhaps just list them across the top with some links. The table is gigantic already, having a bunch of empty columns doesn't really help.

    The canidates I see for this trimming are Build Bot, BeetleJuice, Gump, and Draco.Net. That or someone could go research them (smile)

  27. Hi, Wiki administrators.

    I would like to add information about Cerberus continuous integration tool for Ruby and RubyOnRails. Could you please provide me write access to this page??

  28. Hi,

    a new tool is coming out : Bamboo from Atlassian.

    It could be a good idea to integrate it into this matrix.

  29. Updated AnthillPro info for the 3.2 release.

    New Rows:

    • Security
    • Kerebos
    • SSO
    • Custom JAAS (end user written Authentication schemes)
    • Integrations
    • ClearQuest

    By the way, if I was Pulse, TeamCity, Parabuild or any of the others who politely added themselves to the right hand side of the table, I'd be pretty irritated with DrumBeat adding itself right after the Thoughtworks tools.

  30. Updated TeamCity for release 2.0
    I'd like to add a couple of rows but not sure what is appropriate place for it.

    This is something like "Server-side code analysis" section with items "Search for code duplicates" and "Run code inspections/Java" and "Run code inspections/.NET".

    Are there any objections/thoughts?


  31. You could add it but wouldn't it just be green for every tool? Is there any of them that can't run CPD as part of the build?

    I have the feeling that TeamCity offers something more/different than that but I don't think it would come across well as a line in the matrix.

    Just my $.02


  32. The fact that metrics are built in does offer a certain advantage (smile). If you call them Built-in code analysis and in the cell for TeamCity specify "Java, .NET" that would convey valuable information. There doesn't seem to be a good section for those however...

    Here's a thought. Maybe a section should be called "Dahsboard view" or something like that, and individual lines would include items that can be put on a dashboard or home page of the build tool. So, if the tool offer anything over standard five-field CruiseControl status page (name, passed/failed, last run time, etc.), you would put such stuff in this section.

  33. Guys, please add Hudson into the listing.

  34. From the DamageControl site, it appears the number of active developers is now zero.  Who can update the table?

  35. Yet another request for BuildForge to be added. Has anyone contacted them?

  36. Unfortunately, AFAIK this page is no longer updatable. I'm a developer of Hudson, and I asked an access to be able to add it, but it was eventually turned down by Codehaus admins because the damage control project is archived and so should the wiki.

  37. Because of the issues with updating this page I have created a copy of it on the CruiseControl wiki here:

    Anyone can signup and edit the page, and they can also contribute to the various sections on "Understand the alternatives to CruiseControl":

    (I have edit rights to this page on codehaus but I believe it would be better if Kohsuke were adding/maintaining the information on Hudson directly, rather than me trying to keep that column up to date.)

  38. Aslak was moving the page to another site as well. Hopefully we don't get ourselves into a position where this is the most linked to page, but is left out of date while different changes are going into a number of disparate sites.

     Anyway, my latest set of changes:
    Added: MsBuild, RSA SecureID. I know CC.Net also has MsBuild. I didn't check for anyone else.
    Updated: ahPro now supports Synergy, and TFS.

  39. Hi Erick & Aslak,

    This archived list on this page is still the most linked version in Google - the Bamboo developers keep receiving emails letting us know that we haven't added our CI server and I can see from the comments that other new CI systems are in the same bind (sad)

    Since ThoughtWorks appears to have taken on hosting for the current list, it would great to have this page could start referring visitors there for the most up-to-date information, or at least let everyone keep this version up to date in the meantime.

    Regardless, thanks to CodeHaus for hosting this page (smile)

  40. Here's a few more,

    • Smolder - written in Perl
    • Launchpad - though not currently available as OSS (see Launchpad bug #50699 - but apparently this will be available soon)
    • Darcs uses a system called QuickCheck that performs testing during VCS operations
    • Mozilla Litmus allows for continual integration testing using users as the test execution platform

    Also, I note that git is missing from the VCS category.

    My principle selection criteria that is leading to development of yet another tool in this space;

    • Needs to support tracking details of tests : passes, failures, TODO items, skipped tests, etc - such as provided by the Test Anything Protocol (TAP)
    • Needs to support testing feature branches as launchpad does, to see where different branches are at
    • Needs to integrate with user acceptance testing systems, so that versions can be certified as acceptable by more than just automated means.
    • Needs to have a strong support for the Stable Development Model,  where individual patches are tested to make sure that they build and work, not just the "most recent" version.  That way, bisection can be carried out later with confidence that all intermediate versions build.  darcs' QuickCheck satisfies this requirement
    • Support for code coverage metrics to check that new code is covered by the test suite
    • Easily integrates to complex test setups, that might require different systems to perform different sets of tests.
  41. I can't access de link to the matrix ...

    someone can't help me ?