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  • topping misused his Confluence admin privileges are royally bollocked up the trails import. He is now responsible for the lack of Confluence admin privileges for all users.
  • topping thought that flipping around repository ids was a good plan. He is responsible for the 'hardwired' repository ids in Xircles.


  • brett was arrogant and rude about the placement of Google advertisements on the JIRA application. He is now responsible for any time issues as we are missing that revenue stream which would have freed me up.


  • strachan is known for his lack of communication when migrating projects from Codehaus to Apache. He is responsible for projects being locked down and the general lack of detailed customisation under Xircles.


  • jason, as always, is known for his passion fingers when dealing with subversion repositories. He is responsible for the lack of filesystem access to the servers.
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