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Eclipse Installations


Groovy pieces

Install into Ganymede (Not required for Helios or Galileo)


as root


osgi> ss org.eclipse.jdt.core

Framework is launched.

id State Bundle
173 RESOLVED org.eclipse.jdt.core_3.4.5.20090803-1500-e34-N
Fragments=171, 172
174 RESOLVED org.eclipse.jdt.core.manipulation_1.2.0.v20080603-2000

You should see 1 or 2 bundles listed.
Look for the bundle that starts org.eclipse.jdt.core
The full name should be somthing like:

osgi> ss org.codehaus.groovy

Framework is launched.

id State Bundle
138 <<LAZY>> org.codehaus.groovy_1.7.0.20090803-1500-e34-N
139 <<LAZY>> org.codehaus.groovy.eclipse.ant_2.0.0.20090803-1500-e34-N
140 <<LAZY>> org.codehaus.groovy.eclipse.codeassist.completion_2.0.0.20090803-1500-e34-N
141 <<LAZY>> org.codehaus.groovy.eclipse.codebrowsing_2.0.0.20090803-1500-e34-N
142 <<LAZY>> org.codehaus.groovy.eclipse.core_2.0.0.20090803-1500-e34-N
143 RESOLVED org.codehaus.groovy.eclipse.core.help_2.0.0.20090803-1500-e34-N
144 <<LAZY>> org.codehaus.groovy.eclipse.cstviewer_2.0.0.20090803-1500-e34-N
145 <<LAZY>> org.codehaus.groovy.eclipse.refactoring_2.0.0.20090803-1500-e34-N
146 <<LAZY>> org.codehaus.groovy.eclipse.ui_2.0.0.20090803-1500-e34-N

There should be a bunch of bundles listed here. If you get
something like 10 bundles, then we are in business and everything has
been installed correctly!

More testing

Step 1

Make sure that the o.e.jdt.core with the right version number is
installed in the plugins directory and the
org.codehaus.eclipse.jdt.patch feature is installed in the features
directory with the right version number.

Step 2

1. run 'eclipse -clean -console'
2. at osgi prompt 'ss org.eclipse.jdt.core'

Looks good - same as before

3. at osgi prompt 'start org.eclipse.jdt.core'
Any exceptions? Are the bundles shown with the right version?
If this works, then yay! All is good.

Nothing shown

Step 3

grep "org.eclipse.jdt.core" $ECLIPSE_HOME/$GANYMEDE/configuration/org.eclipse.equinox.simpleconfigurator/
1. open up the following file:
2. look for the line that starts 'org.eclipse.jdt.core,'. What
version number is there?
Not much to do here, but just interesting to know.


No such line!

Step 4


This seems to be auto installed

1. run '$ECLIPSE_HOME/$GANYMEDE/eclipse -clean -console'
2. at osgi prompt 'install file:plugins/org.eclipse.jdt.core_3.4.5.20090804-1600-e34-N.jar'

PLUGIN=`ls $ECLIPSE_HOME/$GANYMEDE/plugins/org.eclipse.jdt.core*-N.jar`
echo "install file:$PLUGIN"

(replace version number with the version of the jar installed)
3. 'start org.eclipse.jdt.core'
4. 'ss org.eclipse.jdt.core'
Any problems?

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