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How to restart DamageControl

You have to get sudo karma to be able to do this.

Look at the /home/services/dcontrol/damagecontrol.log file and check that it starts up properly:

The output should look something like this:

Sometimes sub-processes hangs on to opened sockets, so damagecontrol can't start up again, in that case you need to kill those sub-processes. Use netstat to check which processes are using which ports and kill those processes:

Damagecontrol opens port 4711 (for the SocketTrigger, soon to be deprecated) and 4712 (for the XMLRPC API and the http server), so the lines to look for are:

If DamageControl can't start properly then these processes are the ones that needs to be killed, so in this case you would do:

WARNING! Do this only if DamageControl doesn't start properly!

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