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Each Codehaus project can have an associated Jira project configuration. This page documents the "standard" Jira configuration for new Codehaus projects. This configuration can be altered at request of the project despots.

Permissions and User Groups

Each jira project has two associated user groups. They are named according to the templates project-admin and project-developers.

If a user is in the project-admin group then they are allowed to delete issues and administer the project (such as add new components and versions to Jira project configuration). Users in the jira-users group can create new issues, add comments and add attachments. The project-developers have permission to do the remaining things (such as work on issues, move issues, close issues etc).


By default a notification is sent any time any time any changes occur in the Jira project. The notification is sent to the following;

  • Current Assignee
  • Single Email Address (
  • All Watchers
  • Current Reporter

Codehaus Infrastructure Integration

At some point in the future the initial Jira project will be managed from settings defined in each projects home directory. As part of this the settings in ~project/haus.d/ should be synchronized with the Jira settings. Or in more concrete terms the Jira project key should equal the value in ~project/haus.d/jira.key. The jira project description should also ~project/haus.d/description.txt.

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