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What is CVSSpam

CVSSpam is a script that spams your mailing lists with messages whenever something is committed. Unlike other tools that do this, the commit message is rich HTML with easy to read diffs.

If you don't want HTML emails sent, try another tool (see Using log_accum).

How do I use it?

If you are a project despot, you can enable CVSSpam for your project by doing the following:

  1. Check out your project's CVSROOT
  2. Edit the CVSROOT/loginfo file to include the following, replacing YOURPROJECT with, errm, your project:
  3. Edit the CVSROOT/commitinfo adding the following line:
  4. Copy /usr/local/despots/cvs/cvsspam.conf.sample to CVSROOT/cvsspam.conf
  5. Edit the file, look at the first 5 lines or so, it will be obvious what you have to change (smile)
  6. Add this file to CVS.
  7. Edit CVSROOT/checkoutlist and add cvsspam.conf to the list of files.
  8. Commit these four files
  9. CVSSpam generates large messages, so you'll probably need to update the max message size for the SCM mailing list. Edit the file PROJECT_HOME/lists/scm/msgsize to bump it up to a couple 100K or remove the "msgsize" file altogether to remove any limits.
  10. Go get a beer.

Note: if your project uses Fisheye and your links aren't working, there's a couple new lines in the conf.sample, please check it again.

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