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This is now a Legacy Site

This site is for Drools 2.x series - it will remain live until all the relevant information is migrated to the new location. For Drools 3.0 please navigate to the new location at:

The manual for JBoss Rules (aka Drools 3.0)  can be found here.


Drools is a Rules Engine implementation based on Charles Forgy's Rete algorithm tailored for the Java language. Adapting Rete to an object-oriented interface allows for more natural expression of business rules with regards to business objects. Drools is written in Java, but able to run on Java and .Net.

Drools is designed to allow pluggeable language implementations. Currently rules can be written in Java, Python and Groovy. More importantly, Drools provides for Declarative Programming and is flexible enough to match the semantics of your problem domain with Domain Specific Languages (DSL) via XML using a Schema defined for your problem domain. DSLs consist of XML elements and attributes that represent the problem domain.

Drools is now a JBoss JEMS product.

Thanks To:

EJ-Technologies have kindley made their superb profiler available, for free, to Drools developers.

SpiritSoft generously funded a lot of the recent development on Drools, including bugfixes, performance improvements and documentation. Thanks, guys!

yWorks generously donated a ydoc license for UML generated javadocs.

Getting Started with Drools

The resources below should help you get started using Drools. The basic path is to get the code, build it, use it, and then join us in IRC or on our mailing lists to talk about how we can improve it.

  • Eclipse plug in - incubating - download (note this is alpha status)

Latest News

Drools 3 released

The Drools team are proud to finally announce the new baby: - the product page. - the new project page with all the links for the community. - some shots of the babies first steps.

Enjoy ! 

Drools.NET is no more restricted to .NET Framework 2.0 users. Thanks to Denis Ahearn(

Beta version of Drools.NET for .NET version 1.1 can be downloaded at

The sourcecode is available thru CVS. The instructions for using it are available in the User guide

Drools 3 RC1 is out

aka JBoss Rules 3.0 - get it here

The new wiki etc will be hosted on the jboss rules website. 

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