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Welcome to the Enunciate community wiki space. The intention is to maintain here the documentation that spans multiple releases. The documentation in the project web space reflects how to use the latest release of Enunciate.

  • FAQ
    The FAQ is where we maintain the majority of guides, tutorials and how-tos. Take a peek to see if your question has already been answered. Post your own questions to the appropriate mailing list.
  • Roadmap
    You may be interested in where Enunciate's latest development efforts are focused.  Browse the roadmap, add your own suggestions, and cast your vote for the most important issues to you.  If you suggest a new module or feature, be sure to add it to JIRAso others can vote for it, too.
  • Architecture Guide
    The architecture guide is for those of you who are interested in writing your own Enunciate module.  It's intended to be a jump point, although you'll probably find the Javadocs and the source code as an example to be more useful.
  • Known Issues
    There are a number of known issues.  Some that we're more apologetic about than others.
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