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FEST-Swing can take a screenshot of the desktop when a JUnit GUI test fails, either when running tests using Ant or inside an IDE (e.g. Eclipse.)

To take screenshots of failed GUI tests, regardless of how they are executed, please follow these steps:

  1. Add the JUnit Extension to your classpath (file fest-swing-junit-{VERSION}.jar, included when you download FEST-Swing)
  2. Mark GUI tests (class or method level) with the annotation org.fest.swing.annotation.GUITest

FEST-Swing's JUnit extension requires JUnit 4.3.1.

Changes in FEST-Swing 1.2


Starting with FEST-Swing 1.2, we have added support for JUnit 4.5. Due to JUnit's limited support for extensibility, we have changed the structure of the JUnit extension:

  1. fest-swing-junit-{VERSION}.jar. Contains support for Ant and utility methods to support FEST's JUnit custom Runner. This jar should always be present when using FEST's JUnit extension.
  2. fest-swing-junit-4.3.1-{VERSION}.jar. Contains FEST's Runner for JUnit 4.3.1, org.fest.swing.junit.v4_3_1.runner.GUITestRunner.
  3. fest-swing-junit-4.5-{VERSION}.jar. Contains FEST's Runner for JUnit 4.5, org.fest.swing.junit.v4_5.runner.GUITestRunner.

For more details, please read Jar Files Explained.

Running GUI tests with Ant

In order to take screenshots of failed GUI tests with Ant please follow these steps:

  1. Add a definition of the Ant task festreport
  2. Use the formatter org.fest.swing.junit.ant.ScreenshotOnFailureResultFormatter inside the junit Ant task
  3. Use the Ant task festreport instead of junitreport, and specify in its classpath where the fest-swing-junit-{VERSION}.jar file is.

The following is a screenshot of a JUnit HTML report:

The Ant task festreport works exactly as junitreport: it can generate HTML reports with or without frames. It has been tested with Ant 1.7 and requires Apache-Commons Codec 1.3.

Running GUI tests in an IDE

FEST-Swing also provides a custom JUnit Runner, org.fest.swing.junit.GUITestRunner, which takes screenshots of failed GUI tests. To use it, just annotate your test class with @RunWith(GUITestRunner.class). Screenshots of failed tests will be saved in the directory "failed-gui-tests" (relative to the directory where tests are executed.)

GUITestRunner has been tested with Eclipse 3.4.1. It may not work with certain versions of IntelliJ IDEA due to bug IDEA-13389.


  1. I tried to use @RunWith(GUITestRunner.class) on NetBeans 7.1.1 but it causes the test to fail before its execution.

    If I do remove that line everything works properly (sad)

  2. Resolved: some mistakes in the JAR import order. Here you can find a running example of FEST for NetBeans:

    All basic features are included, as well as the screenshot and some test logging.

    Congratulations for the nice testing framework!