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A number of people have mentioned that it would be good to have a tool for converting Ant XML build files into Gant scripts.  Some time ago a start was made on such a script, and various people used it out of the Subversion repository.  No-one has made any mention of it recently, so maybe the need for it has gone away *.  Certainly it is only a start at such a script and not really a production transformer.  It seems sensible to try and gauge whether there is any need for the script by making a release, thus:

Version 0.1.2 can be downloaded by clicking here. (Save the file to "ant2gant.groovy", if there are hyphens in the name, like "ant2gant-0.1.2.groovy", it won't work.)

If you have a go at using it, please feel free to give feedback and/or make bug reports and improvement requests via the Gant JIRA.

The project for this script is being maintained as a Bazaar branch.  The URL for the branch is **, though if you want to browse the material rather than branch is you may well want to use the URL .

* The Subversion repository has definitely gone away.  Actually it is still available but it is not being used.

** If you browse this URL in a broser it will appear empty as the branch has no working tree.

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